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All information on the event date and accessible from the App

  • Activity program

    Full details of activities day and sorted by event times, locations where participants will develop and speakers.

  • Personal schedule

    Attendees can plan their participation in the event in advance, generating their own agendas favorite activities.

  • General info

    Provides attendees extra information: tourism, gastronomy, attractions and more. All integrated into the App

  • Exhibiting Companies

    All the detail of the exhibiting companies that are part of the event through virtual space for stands in the App .

  • Participants Bio

    Biography of the speakers, presenters or speakers. In addition, attendees have their own profile.

  • Without connection

    After an initial download, the app still works even without internet connection , allowing attendees to use at all times.

All parties related event

Kronos aims to strengthen relations between the organizers, attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and participants, promoting the exchange of information and real-time networking , promoting the participation and interaction of people who share a Congress Day Fair or Exhibition.


  • Interactive Events

    Attendees can answer surveys and qualifying activities and speakers. The organizer can send notifications to the guests.

  • Generates Business

    Connects the audience with the exhibiting companies and sponsors through the App . Provides advertising space through banners.

  • Sustainable Events

    Discourages the use of paper. Care for the environment by saving trees and reducing printing costs.

Why Kronos?

Kronos is a web platform that lets you create a simple App shape of your event. The call will be available at major retailers of applications to be downloaded for free by those who attend your event .

They have access to all information in the event that you can keep updated on the control panel of your App . Do not worry about schedule changes at the last minute . You can make changes that will be reflected instantly in the app . As if this were not enough , you can communicate directly with the audience PUSH sending notifications to their smartphones.

Thats not all. Then you have available a myriad of statistics on the use and audience interaction with the App, exhibitors and sponsors .

Still in doubt?

Watch the video and convince yourself of using Kronos.

App Screenshots

  • 241.819

    used the App

  • 5.139


  • 30.227.375


  • 2.282.167

    Energy Kw/h


We have the following plans according to your needs. The license is per event and the App will be available for 12 months.

  • Classic

    Ask per year
    • WebApp + Nativas
    • Integrated survey
    • Messaging and notifications
    • Virtual Advertising Banners and Stands
    • Service of schedule load
  • Best choice


    Ask per year
    • WebApp + Nativas
    • Integrated survey
    • Virtual Advertising Banners and Stands
    • Messaging and notifications
    • Service of schedule load
  • Premium

    Ask per year
    • WebApp + Nativas
    • Integrated survey
    • Virtual Advertising Banners and Stands
    • Messaging and notifications
    • Service of schedule load

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